Top 10 Best Government Jobs in India for Graduates

If you prefer a good salary package coupled with adding value to your name in the society around you, and are also interested in developing the nature through valuable contributions, then government jobs are the best choice.

Government jobs are more popular these days among the youths of India for various factors including career stability, pay structure, etc with expectations of minimum educational qualifications; these days, the more popular sectors include banking, finance, administration, engineering, and defense. Also, the fact that recruitment by top agencies including UPSC, SSC, and PCS is increasing the interest among the young graduates in India.

As a graduate, the government job helps you find a secured job along with vast opportunities for you to grow well throughout your career. The following are the top suggestions for you to choose accordingly.

List of the Best Government Jobs in India for Graduates Till Date

Indian Administrative Services

Indian Administrative services, popularly known as UPSC IAS, is one of the most desired jobs in the Government sector. To be an IAS officer, you will be required to appear for the annual civil services examination; qualifying the same as one of the top candidates; you will be considered for the postings. While posting, you can be appointed as the primary administrator either for the complete governmental department or organization; alternatively, you can be selected as a district administrator too. As an IAS officer, you can formulate various government policies and also implant agencies across the Nation.

Indian Revenue Services

Indian Revenue Service, popularly known as IRS, this is the second most sought job in Indian government sector. To be an IRS officer, you will be required to appear for the civil services examination conducted by UPSC; qualifying the same as one of the top candidates, you will be considered for the IRS examination. Qualifying the required tests, you will be appointed under the Department of Revenue in the Finance Ministry; this includes the central board of direct taxed and the central committee of excise customs. Your job will be mainly focused on monitoring as well as the collection of revenue for the development of security and governance. Once you become the senior IRS officer, you will be playing a very crucial advisory role in the drafting as well as a formulation of taxation policies of the Country.

Indian Foreign Services

Popularly known as IFS, Indian Foreign Services is a good choice if you are good at foreign affairs and diplomacy. To be an IFS officer, you will be required to appear for the annual civil services examination; qualifying the same as one of the top candidates; you will be considered for the postings. It is important to note that once you are chosen, you will not be allowed to write civil service examination again. As an IFS officer, you will be asked to formulate and implement foreign policy matters; also, you will be asked to conduct smooth operations for the country.

Indian Police Services

Popularly known as IPS, this post is a good choice if you prefer serving in various departments related to police service; this is preferred by many due to the punitive offers enjoyed coupled with administrative function. To be an IPS officer, you will be required to appear for the annual civil services examination; qualifying the same as one of the top candidates; you will be considered for the postings. Qualifying in the required tests as well as analysis, you will subsequently be posted as guardians of law and order across the Country, at different positions. If you are joining new, you will be appointed as Assistant Superintendent of Police; with experience over the years, you have the scope of being promoted to the highest position at the state level, i.e., Director General of Police.

Staff Selection Commission Jobs

Popularly known as SSC, this is an agency run by the Government and is responsible for recruiting staffs for various departments of the government sector. The agency hires based on an exam for group B posts and other non-technical group c posts at multiple ministries as well as departments of the Government sector; to be qualified for the recruitment, you will be required to qualify in the SSC combined graduate level (SSC CGL) examination.

Once qualified, you can choose either desk job or field job; the former includes ministry assistants, auditors, tax assistants, accountants, and upper division clerks. While, the latter provides tax inspectors, examiners, preventive officers, assistant enforcement officers, CBI inspectors, NIA inspectors, Narcotics Inspector, and Narcotics sub-inspector.

Bank Probationary Officer

It is to be a BPO, you will require a minimum of university degree; this is a good choice if you prefer minimum work pressure coupled with decent payment package and enormous benefits.

Government doctors

If you like to serve the poor and would not mind staying up at nights then this job is the best choice for you. Interestingly, you can travel to numerous rural areas throughout your career, and the benefit you receive is directly proportional to the demand of job.


National Power Corporation limited, known as NTPC is one of the growing public corporations in recent years according to various experts; the corporation if performing at an exceptionally good rate in the last few years. Also, the corporation provides you with a good salary coupled with gentle work pressure and helps you work efficiently.


concerning pay, as a scientist, you can get either equivalent or more than private institutions; the perks include working in accommodated individual houses, medical insurance, etc. You will be required to work more, and there is always a demand for results. Ideally, you can try to work in reputable institutions run by government scientists; this includes DRDO and ISRO.

Government Lecturer or University Professor

If you like to share your acquired knowledge to numerous students then this is the right job for you. On becoming a lecturer, you can also help the government in research; the government usually funds such research.


The job you are going to take up is going to develop you as well as the country as a whole; therefore, make sure to choose based on your highest efficiency, interest, etc.

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