List of Top Highest Paying Jobs in India after 12th?

Last Updated on February 19, 2019

Almost every student across the globe would like to have a well-paying job to have financial security, enjoy or upgrade their lifestyle and also to earn the expected social status in their life. The following are the highest paying job courses, especially in India, over the past few decades.

Highest Paying Jobs in India after 12th

Investment Bankers

This is the best course option if you are interested in working in places like Private or Nationalized banks, with rank, other than a banker. For eligibility, you will require to have one or more degree that is related to accounting, business, finance, economics, mathematics, and statistics; if you want to be placed at ranks related to software and analytics, then you can preferably have an engineering degree associated with the same. Also, make sure to train yourself throughout the course, concerning dealing with numbers, analytical skills, communication skills, and other such related skills.

The following are the scope of growth in your career.

  1. Analyst: Beginner
  2. Associate: You can reach this position after three years
  3. VP: You can achieve this position after three years of being an associate
  4. Director: If you prefer to have a degree in MBA, Economics, statistics or engineering, then you can have a chance at recruiters including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley.

Law Professional

If you like to provide your service for society and have excellent writing, coupled with outstanding skills of argument, then this job is an excellent choice for you. For this, you can either complete an integrated course like B.A., L.L.B or, L.L.B; alternatively, you can obtain a degree certificate in any course and then pursue L.L.B. The only difference in both the stream is the number of years for education; the former is five years, and the latter may take a minimum of six years. Once you are qualified in this course, you can work for law firms or practice privately. If you have excellent reasoning skills, oratory skills, the presence of mind, investigative skills as well as confidence, you can thrive in areas including criminal law, corporate law, and labor law. With the gained experience, you can start your consultation service too.

Journalism and Mass Communication Professionals

If you have skills including excellent communication skills, confidence, investigative skills, as well as, a quest for knowledge and you’re interested in bringing a change in the society through such powers, then this is the excellent choice for you. You can pursue courses like BA in Journalism and Mass Communication coupled with post-graduation degree in the same class to increase your chance of recruitment; the prime recruiters are print and digital media while the internet is also playing a significant role these days.

Fashion Professionals

If you like to walk on the ramp or design apparels for the same, then this is a good choice. Besides, you can build your scope in other streams of fashion like fashion photography, makeup and beauty specialists, event manager, event coordinator, sales manager, and production manager. You can thrive in this field over the years with continuous honing of your required skills; also, it is essential to be updated in recent trends, as well as, developments.

Government Jobs

If you like to contribute towards the building of a nation, then obtaining a career in the government sector is the recommended choice. For working towards the welfare of the country, you will be given various benefits by the government; this includes low-interest loans, subsidized housing, medical aid, and travel concessions.

If you would like to pursue jobs related to civil service and administration like IAS, IRS, IFS or IPS, then you will be required to qualify in the related public service examination.

If you like to work in government bodies including Indian Railways and state service bodies, then you can try in places including ONGC, BHEL, SAIL, BEL, CCL, BPCL, GAIL, HEC, HAL as well as HPCL, with the required qualification expected by them.

Another job with attractive pay is commissioned officers’ post available in various divisions of armed forces.

Aviation Career

If you like to fly across the country or around the globe then the job of a commercial pilot, which comes with rewarding salary package, is an excellent choice; in recent years, the demand has increased with the increase in some private airline companies. For this course, numerous scholarships are available, which you can choose based on your requirement. Also, countless related jobs are available too with almost similar pay; this includes Air Hostess, airport manager, and cabin crew.


If you are willing to contribute to the research and development sector of the Indian Government, then taking up courses related to the same to become a scientist is a good choice. Interestingly, the government is offering various scholarships for meritorious students who are willing to pursue B.Sc., M.Sc courses to take up research jobs; you can choose any based on your field and requirement. Currently, there are more requirements in the fields including defense, agriculture, fisheries, Genetics and Biotechnology in the Government sector; while, in private industry, the conditions are in areas including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and technology.

Management Professionals

To be a management professional, you will have to pursue courses like BBA, MBA (online or offline) or BMS. In this field, your earning varies based on various factors like your course of specialization and the institute where you graduated from. Currently, there are openings in sectors including HR management, media management, international business, hospital management, healthcare management, finance, and taxation.


Every stream contributes your growth coupled with the nation’s welfare and development; with the number of scholarships offered by the government; it is clear that there is a requirement for more development coupled with demand. Therefore, make sure to utilize such offers to increase your scope of earning, learning and also contributing; for development is sustainable if it is done on both sides.

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