List of Highest Paying Jobs in India without a Degree

Last Updated on February 19, 2019

Highest Paying Jobs in India without a Degree

In the millennial era, we have seen various new careers emerge and give hope to people who do not want to take the mainstream choices like medical or engineering streams. These careers have grown over the years and now have a tag of being part of respectable job industries. These jobs don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree. Instead, you will have to fine tune your skills in your area of interest; it will also enable an early start on your peers.

Listed below are the highest paying jobs in India without a degree:

Ethical Hacker

You can enroll in a legit ethical hacker course right after your tenth-grade graduation; the fees for a good moral hacker cost will be anywhere between 1.5 lakhs to 20 lakhs. You have to be interested in computer operations, and some institutes offer courses in this course and will issue you a valid certificate as well.


Love clicking photographs? Then why not make a career out of it? You can take up the right diploma/ certificate course in photography, after completing high school. You can build your skill by volunteering as a staff photographer or a freelance photographer. Although it may take time to make a portfolio, the starting salary is quite good at three lakhs per annum.


To qualify as a politician in India, you have to 25+ years of age, and you should possess excellent networking skills. No minimum qualification has been established till now, but that may change soon. If you want to enter the system and bring about some change, then this career path is right for you. The salary can go from one lakh to twelve lakhs per annum, with an added benefit.


Have a way with words and love to write? Then this is the career for you. To become a writer, you need to produce content that is creative, interactive, and legible. The necessary educational qualification for a good writing job is 10+2. You can get formal or informal training after you finish your high school graduation. The average starting salary is 2.4 lakh per annum; the payroll will increase with your quality of writing.


These careers are all about your determination, looks, and the way you carry yourself. If you think you can pull it through, then you can join a diploma course in modeling/acting and make a career out of it. The pay-scale varies, depending upon the quality of your work and your networking skills.

Personal Trainer

You need clear the 10+2 examinations, after which you can enroll in a 3-15-month course depending upon your preferences. There’s a high demand for personal trainers in India due to the rise in health consciousness. Thus, it can prove to be a highly beneficial career. Even if you start at 10k per month, it can go up to 80-90k per month!

Dance Instructor

It is ideal to train under someone who is highly talented in their art. There are academies all over India that offer courses in dancing, the minimum qualification that you will need 10+2. After the session, you can initially intern under someone and then go on to open your academy. Your income will increase over time.

Real Estate Agent

Next on our list of highest paying jobs in India without a degree is a real estate agent, it requires a minimum of 18-19 years of age varying across states. Pre-license education periods have to be completed; after you have completed the allotted hours, you should pass the real estate license examination of the home state. This job is also widely based on networking skills and knowing the internet can be of great help.

Purchasing Agent

There are various types of trades you can involve yourself in, both within the country and on an international scale as well. You need to obtain a license for importing/exporting things. It’s a massive industry with lots of scopes, and the pay will depend upon the kind of division you associate yourself with, you can start on this career path after 10+2.

Registered Nurse

You have to pass a certificate course that is offered by many organizations across India. The minimum age limit is 17 years of age, and you should clear your 12th examinations from the Arts or Science department; the average salary of a registered nurse starts at 2.3 Lakhs per annum.

Graphic Designer

After you complete your 10+2, you can pursue a career in graphic designing by joining a one year or 2-year diploma course, based on your favorite visual designing field. Creativity is an essential aspect for a job in design. A fresher in graphic designing can earn more than 2.5 lakhs per annum.

Make-up artists

If you want to be a makeup artist, then educational qualification is not a necessary criterion.  However, some institutes offer diploma/certificate courses. The essential skills that are required include stamina, patience, and an eye for detail. Even for a newbie, the pay starts at 15k per month, and it can go up to 15k per day in the film industry!

Creative Home Decor

There has been a high demand for hand-made products for home decoration. The number of things that can be made covers a broad spectrum. Thus, there is a wide choice based on your preference. You can associate yourself with companies that sell hand-made products, or you can sell them autonomously over the internet. You will need to be creative and have good connections to prosper in this field. Hence, it has been added to our list of highest paying jobs in India without a degree.

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