List of Top 9 Government Exams After Graduation – Best Govt Exams after Degree

Government jobs would never go out of trend. There are plenty of benefits of getting into a government job, which leads the people to go after them, especially Indians. However, you have to prepare well for the government examination in order to be able to get selected. Though there is much scope, the competition among the government job applicants makes the selection very difficult. If you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree, it is a good time to be aware of the government exams that you can take after graduation to get a government job. Here’s a list of Government Exams After Graduation.

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

This is one of the most popular government competitive exam that a majority of young people take part in. The joint board of Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Sciences conduct this exam, popularly known by its short-form, GATE. GATE is conducted on a yearly basis. as you qualify in the exam, you get an opportunity to pursue your masters or doctorate from a reputed and well-recognized government institute of the country.

While students that enter for the GATE exam mainly aim to pursue their higher studies, since past one decade, many companies hire candidates by judging them on the basis of their GATE scores. This is why GATE has become a lot more popular among graduates. Various fields for which GATE is conducted are a majority of sub-field of engineering. And besides engineering sub-fields, like mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, etc. GATE also covers mathematics, physics, life sciences, biotechnology, and chemistry.

SSC Junior Engineer Exam

The primary criterion for students to be able to take Junior Engineer Exams is to have a diploma degree. However, sometimes, when there is a requirement for graduates, graduate students can take this exam as well. Junior Engineer Exams include examinations for a number of fields, like Computer Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation, and Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam

If you aspire to become a teacher, Combined Higher Secondary Exams will make sense to you. these exams have vacancies across state level and central schools for the post of teachers for higher secondary schools.

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam

Students who pass and get their graduate degree are eligible for entering for Combined Graduate Level Exams. These exams open the doors to the government jobs pertaining to Income-tax department, CBI, and many more departments. One has to prepare well for these exams to pass them and get selected.

Scientific Assistance in Indian Meteorological Department Exam

For graduates who are interested in weather forecasting and climatic studies, Scientific Assistance in Meteorological Department Exams gives a chance to assist scientists in the field.

UPSC Civil Services Exam

For graduates who wish to go for bureaucratic government services and work for the people of the country, Civil Services Exams give a chance. This exam is conducted by the UPSC. As graduates pass this exam, hey first enter the training phase. After being trained, based on how individuals perform during the training, they are assigned to different cadres. No matter what your field of graduation is, you can take this exam for civil services. Once you pass and complete the training, you can be chosen for various positions, like Superintendent of Police, Commissioner of the district, etc.

UPSC Combined Defense Services Exam

Combined Defense Services Exams are conducted to recruit Indian Army officers, Air Force officers, Navy officers, etc. These exams are conducted twice in a year. After you take a Combined Defense Services Exam, the next step is getting approval from the Staff Selection Board. Once a panel of judges approves, you can become an officer in the respective stream.

UPSC Indian Forest Services Exam

While this is a rare department, it still is an amazing opportunity for young people wanting a different job compared to the other government services. Again, UPSC conducts this exam. When you take the exam and get selected, you would be able to serve as a forest officer in various places across the country.

UPSC Engineering Services Exam

If you have graduated in engineering, this can be a perfect choice of government examination for you. This exam is as well conducted by the UPSC. There are many sub-fields for which they conduct the exam, like electronics and communication engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and many more. If you want to work with the ministry of the country, you should prepare to get selected in this examination. Once you get selected, you can work in the respective department in the ministry of India.

Final Words

These are some of the popular competitive exams for people who have graduated and are looking for opportunities in government services. Since these exams are capable of providing great career path once you get selected. However, it is not a cakewalk. For all the perks you would be getting once you crack an exam, it takes a lot of dedication and preparation.

This is why, make sure you are aware of the date of the examination well before time so that you have enough time in your hand to get prepared for the exam. Fill the application form carefully, making no mistakes. And keep the documents ready so that you can reach them whenever needed, without a hassle. Last but not least, solve many sample papers and know how to prepare for the exam. Sample papers would give you a concrete idea about what kind of questions are asked and how long it would take for you to solve the question paper.

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