List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Last Updated on February 19, 2019

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India


This job is one of the top emerging posts; however, you will be required to gain additional qualifications to earn as per your expectations.

You can become a mechanical engineer by entering in a mechanical engineering course through respective entrance exams like JEE main and subsequent interviews or examinations; on qualifying the session, you can take up either of the following top courses to increase your job prospects and earn more.


This course is a good choice if you like to specialize in the areas of vehicle designing, repairing, testing as well as assembling; you will also be taught on other related aspects like safety engineering, quality management, and control, automotive analytics as well as collecting and installation of various automobiles.

On completion of the course, the following are your job scopes.

  1. Automobile Engineer
  2. Material Processing Specialist
  3. Safety Testing Specialist
  4. Material Purchase Manager
  5. Quality Control Executive
  6. Research and Development Engineer

Design engineer to: in this job, you will be handling the designing of intricate details of hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems inside a vehicle.

Development engineer: in this job, you will be developing, implementing, operating, maintaining and controlling all the process involved in manufacturing vehicles

Quality control executive: in this job, you will be working towards improvement of the efficiency of cars and developing on the energy more.

Pay-scale: the pay-scale varies between 61 lakh per annum to 87 lakh per annum; however, the same can be tentatively increased based on your skills, experience, etc.

It is important to note that the demand for automobile engineering is increasing across the globe; therefore, you can try to work abroad for more income and benefits.


This stream is a good choice if you like to work in industries relating to electronics, automobile, manufacturing, mining, transport, gas, oil; alternatively, you can work at defense, robotics, aerospace, aviation, army, navy, air force, etc. This course is a combination of mechanics, informatics, electronics, automation as well as robotics.

Ideally, you can take this course on completion of your undergraduate diploma program and subsequently opt either for ME mechatronics engineering or M Tech mechatronics engineering; this will help you increase your job prospectus eventually.

PAYSCALE: on an average, you can earn 63 lakh per annum; however, the same can be tentatively increased based on your skills, experience, etc.


To be a bank manager, you should have qualified in the respective courses like accounting, business administration or finance; on completion of such classes, you can take up short-term courses offered by numerous institutions for becoming a bank manager or cracking the required examinations. This job is a good choice if you prefer management-based posts; you will be required to oversee the overall operations and make sure that the target goals are reached. Specifically, you will be required to meet your customers as well as clients and resolve their issues.

Pay-scale: you can start earning around 20 lakhs per annum and the same increases accordingly with your experience and number of years.


This job is a good choice if you have excellent reasoning skills, oratory skills, the presence of mind, investigative skills as well as confidence. To become a lawyer or judge or legal consultant or anything as such, you can complete an integrated course like B.A., L.L.B or, L.L.B; alternatively, you can obtain a degree certificate in any direction and then pursue L.L.B. The only difference in both the stream is the number of years for education; the former is five years, and the latter may take a minimum of six years. The popular areas in which you can thrive in, include criminal law, corporate law, and labor law; With the gained experience, you can start your own consultation service too.

There is no fixed pay-scale; however, the median salary is 37 lakhs onwards per annum.


This job is a good choice if you like to fly across the country or around the globe; you will have to qualify in relevant courses like aircraft operations, aviation or aeronautical engineering. You can make use of applicable scholarships too.

The pay-scale is on an average has median of 93 lakhs per annum.

It is important to note that, on obtaining relevant experiences, you can make a switch in career to related areas like air hostel, airport manager and cabin crew.


This job is a good choice if you have excellent analytical skills, communication skills, and other such related skills; in this job, you will be able to work in banks with rank other than a banker. To get this job, you will require to have one or more degrees related to accounting, business, finance, economics, mathematics, and statistics.

The following are the scope of growth in your career.

Analyst: beginner

Associate: you can reach this position after three years

VP: you can achieve this position after three years of being an associate


The pay-scale for this job, on an average, is 71 lakhs per annum; the same can be tentatively increased concerning your experience, skills, talent etc.


The pay-scale for this job, on an average is 32 lakhs per annum and is a good choice if you like to review the services provided by numerous hotels as well as recommend the same to the public; it is important to note that most of your visits will be sponsored and you will be expected to have excellent communication skills, multi-lingual capacity, patience, etc to cherish in this field.

There is no specific requirement or degree expected for this job; however, it is suggested that taking up courses like hotel management or other such related short-term courses will help you gain exposure which will be helpful while reviewing technically.


This is a good choice if you like to spend a large number of months sailing on the sea; your pay-scale, on an average, is between 30,000 per month to 1,50,000 per month. It is important to note that your job scope ranges from junior engineer to chief engineer and beyond, within a few years. To be eligible for this job, you should take up courses after class 12, like, B.Sc marine science, BE marine engineering, BE naval architecture and offshore engineering, BE petroleum engineering, BE mechanical engineering, BE civil engineering, B.Sc marine catering, and electrotechnical officer course.


You should be a minimum of 17 years of age and a maximum of 25 years of age.

While applying, it is mandatory that you should be unmarried

Your eye vision power should be reasonable; however, relaxation up to plus or minimum 2.5 is allowed.


If you like to plan as well as carry out security measures to safeguard company networks as well as systems then this job is the right choice; with growth in technology, the demand has increased, and therefore your pay-scale will be on an average of 68 lakhs per annum.

To be eligible for this job, you should have qualified in related degree courses like computer science programming or engineering.


This job is the right choice if you like to be involved in generic software roles coupled with the development of other various related software; ideally, you can specialize in computer software through related courses after Computer science engineering to increase your job prospects.

The pay-scale is on an average is between 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum, and the scope of the job is increasing across the globe.


To become a mathematician, you will required to study courses related to applied mathematics, theoretical mathematics, etc; your job involves solving mathematical problems and conducting research on the same in public sector or private sector. However, you can shift your career to other related aspects like the professor on obtaining sufficient exposure as well as skills. To achieve this job, you can pursue mathematics course in any stream like Bachelor of Arts; you can continue higher education like Master of Arts in Mathematics to improve your job prospect.

The pay-scale, on an average, is 44 lakhs per annum; the same tentatively increases based on your experience, skills, achievements, etc.


The highest paying jobs do require own specialization; make sure to have the same to improve your job prospect and career scope accordingly.

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